Our Partner Brands

ReFleece is proud to work with companies that value sustainable practices, both economically and environmentally.  



Our partner brands commit to saving and sorting their waste textiles, rather than throwing them away -- a commitment that may take extra time and effort on their part.  In some cases, they send us damaged or returned garments that cannot be donated.  In other cases, they send scraps that would otherwise have to be landfilled, shredded or melted down.

We look for companies that take their time with their textiles, investing in beautiful design and quality materials.  Significant resources -- including time, talent, energy, petroleum, wool, water and dyes -- are used to produce these beautiful textiles, and we aim to make the most of these resources before they have to be recycled.

In addition to our partner brand suppliers, we have a strong relationship with Klean Kanteen, a company dedicated to the displacement of single use containers.  Long known for their commitment to quality and environmental sustainability, Klean's mission dovetails beautifully with ours at ReFleece.  You can explore the Klean + ReFleece collection here or on the Klean Kanteen website.


Is your company interested in becoming a partner brand?  Drop us a line at info@refleece.com.