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One Block of Wood

I recently had the privilege of taking a vacation with my 10 year old daughter to Witch's Rock, a surf camp in Costa Rica.  What a pleasure to spend a week with her, doing the thing that makes her happiest.  Right next to the camp, Robert August has a little studio where he shapes surfboards.  (For those who haven't been forced to see this at least 78 times by a surf-obsessed spouse, here's the trailer and the iconic poster).


One day while we...

ReFleece in The Manual

the manual I don't usually re-post on our blog, but Cator Sparks really captured what we are all about here.  Have a read! "With combined degrees from Northeastern, Stanford, Harvard and Yale, you would expect this power couple to be on Wall Street or CEOs of a Forbes flaunted company. Instead, Sam Palmer and Jennifer Feller have founded ReFleece, a company that designs iPad and tablet sleeves out of reclaimed fabrics. They work with some of America’s best companies (whom...

Vintage Tent Sleeves from JCrew and ReFleece

JCrew and ReFleece: What's in a partnership?

[caption id="attachment_453" align="aligncenter" width="300"]ReFleece and JCrew mini sleeves Made from vintage US Army tents. Limited edition.[/caption] What does it mean to form a partnership with a large corporation like JCrew?  Prior to starting a company, I assumed it meant lawyers and contracts and big meetings with people in suits. In real life, what it meant was meeting a cool guy named Jamie (no suit), who also keeps chickens (like us), and who works...

Improper Bostonian

Improper Bostonian

So pleased to be judged Improper...

The Fall Cases Are In!

The Fall Cases Are In! Bumper and Bernice visit us at the fall photo shoot