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New photos from Justin Keena Photography!

New photos from Justin Keena Photography!

Check out all the new photos on our website!  Huge thanks to Justin Keena at Keena Photo, and all the folks at Fringe in Somerville who helped out.  Justin is an amazing photographer, and about to head out to the SF Bay area.   Anyone needing some awesome outdoor or product photos in that area should definitely check out his site!

Patagonia's Common Threads Initiative

Did you know you can return your used Patagonia clothes to a store near you?  Or mail it back?  That's the first step in  the creation of ReFleece: customers return their used gear instead of letting it go to a landfill.  Patagonia passes usable gear on to those in need, and tries to up cycle or recycle the rest of it ... including to ReFleece cases! Here's the link:

We Reuse You Can Recycle

Can I recycle my re-fleece? Yes! As long as your municipality can handle PET plastics, you can toss your ReFleece right into the recycling bin.