Vintage Tent Sleeves from JCrew and ReFleece

JCrew and ReFleece: What's in a partnership?

[caption id="attachment_453" align="aligncenter" width="300"]ReFleece and JCrew mini sleeves Made from vintage US Army tents. Limited edition.[/caption] What does it mean to form a partnership with a large corporation like JCrew?  Prior to starting a company, I assumed it meant lawyers and contracts and big meetings with people in suits. In real life, what it meant was meeting a cool guy named Jamie (no suit), who also keeps chickens (like us), and who works for JCrew as a Style Ambassador, and one thing leading to another.  It involved a very fun trip to the JCrew headquarters in NYC, but no suits.  Some contracts, but nothing scary. It also involved some dumpster diving.  Jamie found some beautiful fabric in the dumpster, and we turned it into cases.  They were gorgeous, but in the end, we didn't use that fabric this go-round.  Maybe next time. What did work was these sleeves, made out of some old canvas Army tents that Jamie found.  We made a limited run, and each one is hand-stamped (on the back, there is a number that indicates where in the run each one is).  Each one is truly unique: many have patches, scratches, even marks presumably made by whoever used them.  I couldn't help imagining, as we looked through them, who used these tents.  I don't know what era the y are from (presumably soliders now use nylon, not canvas?), but someone, sometime slept in these tents, far from home.

ReFleece for JCrew packaging

So hats off to JCrew for supporting a small, U.S. based company (us) and for being cool enough to rescue fabrics from the dumpster.

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September 15, 2014

I received one of these for Christmas and it’s awesome! Nice work!

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