ReFleece Goes Fringe

Image Cool, right?  These letters belong to Mike Dacey, who owns Repeat Press, and who manages Fringe -- an awesome studio workspace that is now home to ReFleece as well.  The old-fashioned press is right across from our space, flanked by pots of saturated, thick paint in big pots... it's a visual feast. Last winter, when it became clear that it was time for us to move out of the cold basement and into an actual office, we dragged our feet.  Sam said he preferred to stay put, surrounded by his beloved antique tools (and wearing mittens), rather than end up in a cubicle again.  So home we stayed. But come spring, a friend mentioned that he was vacating his space at Fringe, an old warehouse that had been turned into a shared workspace, so we decided to check it out.  The first hopeful sign was the chicken coop  in the parking lot (we later found out that it belongs to the folks next door at Metro Pedal Power).  On the other hand, the constant stream of young hipsters was a bit intimidating.  Would a soccer mom fit in here?  Would I have to get a tattoo and a better haircut? The hipsters, it turns out, are also engineers, entrepreneurs, and artists, each starting his/her/their own little engine of economic development.  To a person, they have been helpful and generous, sharing resources and ideas, as well as friendly smiles and a dose of encouragement.  I am still struggling to learn names (I am AWFUL at names), but I finally figured out that most of the men are named Mike, which did help. Pretty Things Beer operates out of the corner office, with Cuppow right next door.  ReCover Green Roofs has the space next to ours, and I get happy every time I see the pictures of the green roofs they are building. Stebs Schinnerer runs Paper Fortress, which I am assuming does absolutely amazing videos, because every time I walk by there is rad music playing and someone skateboarding, snowboarding, or otherwise being amazing on the monitor.  He lets us use his photography studio, which is downright decent of him. There are many more cool businesses there:  Natalya Zahn does gorgeous animal illustrations; Foret creates floral designs and installations.  RocketMouse and Atedrake both do kick-ass web design.  (And they sit right next to each other.  Which is confusing.)  Michael and Christine run Price Hamilton Design/Build, which means they get to, well, design and build all day, which makes Sam slightly jealous.  Plane Paper makes beautiful laser-cut designs.  And Brian Hart paints stuff like this, which speaks for itself. [caption id="attachment_353" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Painting by Brian Hart[/caption] We moved in this summer, and are busy organizing the space.  Or at least, we are going to organize the space.  Soon.  Drop by and say hello!

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