Biking on the Brain

Thinking a lot about biking lately.  ReFleece spends a lot of time at Ride Studio Cafe, in Lexington.  It's on the bike path.  (The one that the Rails to Trails Conservancy created along the old railroad tracks in our towns.)  When I've spent too long staring at the screen, I jump on my old bike that Sam built me and ride the 15 minutes or so, fast when it's time to clear the brain, slower when it's time to daydream about new designs.  Ride Studio is all about good coffee and good bikes.  Friendly folks, a relaxed vibe, and free internet.  Perfect! [caption id="attachment_324" align="aligncenter" width="261"] This is NOT the bike Sam built for me. Too bad. It's a Public bike... great company out of the Bay Area, building straightforward city bikes.[/caption] But tomorrow, ReFleece is officially relocating to Fringe, an awesome collective workspace in Somerville, MA (more on that in a later post...)  Fringe is an even better distance for a nice ride (about 6 miles), but the problem is, it's not on a bike path.  How can I daydream when I'm terrified I'm going to get hit by a bus? Why doesn't every major street include a bike trail?   No need to restate the obvious benefits to our collective health, state of mind, and air quality that more biking would bring to our cities.  But it's just too dangerous in most cases -- for me, and certainly for my kids. ReFleece just joined 1% for the Planet, which is motivating us to get our ducks in a row in terms of giving money to great environmental nonprofits, and I think I'm going to start researching bike advocacy groups.  Feel free to chime in with suggestions. For the record, I usually have a few ReFleece cases in my pack when I'm riding. The fact that they weigh 3 ounces each makes the ride even better.

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