Shop Talk: Annie's Blue Ribbon General Store

We love Annie's Blue Ribbon General Store!  Annie's carries ReFleece cases as well as an amazing variety of fun, useful, and inspiring gifts, home goods, toys, accessories, and general what-have-you. [caption id="attachment_297" align="aligncenter" width="540"] Photos courtesy of Annie's Blue Ribbon General Store[/caption] What's in a name? There's nothing like the feeling you get when you see a blue ribbon on that jar of pickles you made, that science project you barely finished in time, or the perfect pumpkin you carefully grew.  Okay, so maybe most of us aren't actually going to the country fair for anything other than something fried and sprinkled with sugar, but it doesn't hurt to day dream a little.  Annie's Blue Ribbon General Store definitely wins the blue ribbon for best modern general store collection.  The "general store" part of the name was inspired not only by owner Ann Lopatin Cantrell's love of stepping into general stores in her childhood in rural New Jersey, but also by Remo General Store , which she fell in love with in far-away Sydney, Australia. Why we love it Annie's has a great balance of form, function and fun.  The store is full of fabulous designs, many functional and others that  just add a little lightness and playfulness to your home.  They're a great shop to visit when you just want to browse and see what people come up with, or when you need a gift for  a birthday, house warming, baby shower, or rainy day pick me up. How do we fit in? Walking into Annie's always makes us smile.  First, the folks inside are always friendly and welcoming.  The shelves are lined with inventions, toys, and other surprises.  The shop itself is beautifully arranged, to showcase an amazing variety of items.  Their carefully curated collection of general store goods, housewares, and gifts reflect both their love of design and uplifting sense of humor.  They also have a good selection of eco-friendly wares as well as reusable bags, recycling totes. Other Buzz: New York Magazine Robot Vegan Interview Sycamore Street Press Q & A The Kitchn

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