Environmental Footprint

What is the environmental footprint of a ReFleece case? Great question! Calculating the exact carbon, water, and overall environmental footprint is a complicated art, and we don't pretend to have the answer, but we are committed to making choices that reduce that footprint as much as possible. Here's what we do to reduce our footprint: First, a ReFleece case is about 98% recycled content--depending on the case in question, only thread for sewing, the elastic band, and/or the snap are from virgin material. Second, our manufacturing process is fairly low energy. Typical recycling practices for polyester require completely melting the plastic twice (first to make it back in to small pellets used in manufacturing, and second to remelt those pellets to spin fiber or mold a plastic part). This requires heating the plastic to 540F, twice. We only need to heat our material to 300F, and we only do it once. Third, our cases require minimal transport during manufacturing. Current recycling practices for most jackets require that they are shipped to Japan for the first round of processing, then to China to make new products out of them, and then back to the United States to be sold. In contrast, ReFleece simply ships the jackets from the West Coast (where they are collected) to the Midwest (where we make our cases) to you. Our cases will have logged far fewer miles than most products you can buy and use here in the US.

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