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November 26, 2014


Go Green for Black Friday!

It's that time again... time to stay home and be thankful you're not at the mall!  

Be super prepared this year by stocking up on made-in-the-USA, upycled kindle cases!  Large fits the new Kindle Fire HDX and the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 7" Tablet, and smalls fit both the regular Kindle and the Kindle Paperwhite, as well as the Kobo Touch.    All our e-reader cases are on sale this weekend (I know the twitter pic says Today Only, but trust me).  Just enter the code GOGREEN4BLACKFRIDAY at checkout.  Stay home, stay comfy, and spread the sustainable love! 

September 15, 2014


ReFleece named Martha Stewart American Made Finalist!

American Made Awards Voting


Everyone's favorite Uber-Femme, Martha Stewart, has named ReFleece a finalist in her American Made awards!

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February 27, 2014


One Block of Wood

I recently had the privilege of taking a vacation with my 10 year old daughter to Witch's Rock, a surf camp in Costa Rica.  What a pleasure to spend a week with her, doing the thing that makes her happiest.  Right next to the camp, Robert August has a little studio where he shapes surfboards.  (For those who haven't been forced to see this at least 78 times by a surf-obsessed spouse, here's the trailer and the iconic poster).


One day while we were there, Robert asked my daughter if she'd like to shape a board.*  She was thrilled to get such a chance, and hopped right up.  While they were shaping, Robert mentioned that he'd been using the same piece of wood as his sandpaper block for 25 years.  TWENTY FIVE YEARS.  I can't imagine, with all the traveling he's done around the world, how he managed to hold on to it.  It's worn down in the middle from the pressure of his hand all those years.

robert august block of wood

Those are their hands on the block, covered in the fine (and somewhat toxic) foam dust that coats everything when you are shaping a board.**

Wondering if others have examples of items that are this useful, that have been used for that long.  My snowboard comes to mind, but that's such a ridiculous antique that I'm not sure it qualifies as useful.  We sail on the Laser Sam used growing up… that's still perfectly good.  My grandmother's piano still sits in our house.  Other examples?

Look for those items in your life… and post photos on our Facebook page if you come up with any!

*Actually, what he said was, "Princess, why don't you come help me shape this board?"  And what she said was, "Don't call me princess."  

**I know this not because I've ever shaped a board, but because Sam used to create surfboards at Patagonia, and every time I'd go visit him in Ventura he'd arrive at the airport covered in white dust.  Not actually a great memory.

January 03, 2014


ReFleece in The Manual

the manual I don't usually re-post on our blog, but Cator Sparks really captured what we are all about here.  Have a read! "With combined degrees from Northeastern, Stanford, Harvard and Yale, you would expect this power couple to be on Wall Street or CEOs of a Forbes flaunted company. Instead, Sam Palmer and Jennifer Feller have founded ReFleece, a company that designs iPad and tablet sleeves out of reclaimed fabrics. They work with some of America’s best companies (whom we like even more now!) such as Woolrich, Patagonia and Polartec. Rather than throwing away extra textiles, the companies sort them and save them for ReFleece. They send everything from old scraps to damaged or returned garments that cannot be donated to charity. They won’t partner with just anyone; the company has to have quality materials and be eco-conscious about their wool, water, dyes and petroleum use too. Don’t be afraid that old wool or felt isn’t going to keep your products safe and sound. With the Classic collection, all the items are double lined with recycled exteriors and upcycled fabrics on the inside. The exterior wool also resists wear, dirt and spills. The Wild Side collection is reversed with the colorful upcycled fabrics on the outside making each sleeve unique. Recently ReFleece partnered with J.Crew and made a limited edition run of sleeves made from vintage US Army tents.  And 2014 is looking stellar for the brand. ReFleece has all sort of new stuff coming out for spring: an iWallet with room for the essentials, 4Square organizing modules for desktop, a City Bag that can carry a laptop, and some sweet little zip bags that work for toiletries, corralling cables or whatnots of all types. They will also start working with Ibex Outdoor Clothing,creating a source for  more magical wools to work with. Stay tuned for what else these braniac sustainable pioneers have up their, ahem, sleeve on their blog."
November 14, 2013

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Vintage Tent Sleeves from JCrew and ReFleece

JCrew and ReFleece: What's in a partnership?

[caption id="attachment_453" align="aligncenter" width="300"]ReFleece and JCrew mini sleeves Made from vintage US Army tents. Limited edition.[/caption] What does it mean to form a partnership with a large corporation like JCrew?  Prior to starting a company, I assumed it meant lawyers and contracts and big meetings with people in suits. In real life, what it meant was meeting a cool guy named Jamie (no suit), who also keeps chickens (like us), and who works for JCrew as a Style Ambassador, and one thing leading to another.  It involved a very fun trip to the JCrew headquarters in NYC, but no suits.  Some contracts, but nothing scary. It also involved some dumpster diving.  Jamie found some beautiful fabric in the dumpster, and we turned it into cases.  They were gorgeous, but in the end, we didn't use that fabric this go-round.  Maybe next time. What did work was these sleeves, made out of some old canvas Army tents that Jamie found.  We made a limited run, and each one is hand-stamped (on the back, there is a number that indicates where in the run each one is).  Each one is truly unique: many have patches, scratches, even marks presumably made by whoever used them.  I couldn't help imagining, as we looked through them, who used these tents.  I don't know what era the y are from (presumably soliders now use nylon, not canvas?), but someone, sometime slept in these tents, far from home.

ReFleece for JCrew packaging

So hats off to JCrew for supporting a small, U.S. based company (us) and for being cool enough to rescue fabrics from the dumpster.
September 23, 2013


Improper Bostonian

Improper Bostonian

So pleased to be judged Improper...

September 12, 2013


The Fall Cases Are In!

The Fall Cases Are In! Bumper and Bernice visit us at the fall photo shoot
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