ReFleece™ accessories are made from reclaimed textiles and recycled bottles.  Using low energy manufacturing processes, we build products that give these materials a new form and a new life.

Latest ReFleece News

ReFleece named Martha Stewart American Made Finalist!

September 15, 2014

American Made Awards Voting


Everyone's favorite Uber-Femme, Martha Stewart, has named ReFleece a finalist in her American Made awards!

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One Block of Wood

February 27, 2014

I recently had the privilege of taking a vacation with my 10 year old daughter to Witch's Rock, a surf camp in Costa Rica.  What a pleasure to spend a week with her, doing the thing that makes her happiest.  Right next to the camp, Robert August has a little studio where he shapes surfboards.  (For those who haven't been forced to see this at least 78 times by a surf-obsessed spouse, here's the trailer and the iconic poster). One day while we were there, Robert asked my daughter if she'd like to shape a board.*  She was thrilled to get such a chance, and hopped right up.  While they were shaping, Robert mentioned that he'd been using the same piece of...

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